How to: Get Out of Bed in the Morning by// Julia Campisano

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Every single morning before school I have this internal battle as to whether or not I should get out of bed and start the day. Mostly my vote is for not moving, but with school and work that’s just not an option for me. So then I have to fight the odds to get my body out from under the covers and into my car so I can go. If you hate getting up in the morning like me, here are my tips to getting up and getting ready to go.

  1. Set at least 50 alarms. At least. That way you can never get away from the sound, you’re bound to EVENTUALLY get out of bed.
  2. Keep a coffee pot on your nightstand and set it to go off around the time you need to be up. That way the smell will help you float out of bed, and maybe you’ll be less of a zombie by the time you leave.
  3. My biggest issue is the fact that my covers are always just so warm and cozy by the time I get up that I just can’t leave, so before you go to bed, set the heat up as high as possible. When your 35th alarm goes off and you realize your covers are on fire you’ll be practically throwing them off to turn down the heat.
  4. Have your mom nag you until you get up. Nothing is worse than your mom coming into your room to yell at you till you get up, so ask her to be especially annoying just to help get you up.
  5. Wear the clothes to bed you were planning to wear the next day. And put on your makeup that night too, and do your hair. That way you can literally wait till the very last second before you leave and still look perfect.
  6. Set a wake up call. Beg your friends to call you until you wake up. Set your ringtone up as high as possible so you’ll be sure to hear it.
  7. Just don’t fall asleep, pulling an all nighter will ensure that you wake up right on time. You might be exhausted all day, but at least you won’t be late.
  8. You know what. Who needs to get up anyways. Just stay in bed all day, there will be other opportunities to actually get up next week. Good night!

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How to: Get Out of Bed in the Morning by// Julia Campisano