Fourth times a charm by//Ellen White

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Last week’s episode ended with Andi at Nick’s hotel door, we didn’t know why she was there or what she was intending to do until this week’s episode. Nick shocked Andi by telling her that he isn’t going to get engaged just because it’s The Bachelor, but he does see himself ending up with one of the women.

Andi tells Nick that he should do whatever he wants on the show, basically telling him that he should just have sex with each girl because why not? Then, they take a step back on the past and Nick finally understands why Andi led him on so much when she didn’t even really love and its because she’s a feminist. That’s the end to that little scene.

Now, on to the real juice. Corrine gets sent home during the rose ceremony. I know, surprising. I saw her being in the top three. That $3,000 that she spent on him back in Miami wasn’t even a dent in her wallet because she didn’t say one word about paying her back or anything. I have to take a break from the actual episode and express my happiness that she is finally gone, everyone knew that she was not the one for Nick and I guess he finally realized that. Thank God. When she gets into her limo, she explains that she will never try to impress another man in her life; I don’t believe that one.

After that shocking scene, Nick and Raven traveled to Finland for the first overnight date. I don’t even think Corrine could’ve survived in Finland; does she even have clothes that are covering? Nick and Raven took a helicopter to a local pub where they have a lot of fun and Nick said that Raven is a good mixture of “salty and sweet”. They got pretty serious in their conversations, talking about whom will do what in the future, a talk that everyone has in a relationship. As Raven prepares for their dinner date, she thinks of a way that she can tell Nick that she loves him and that she’s only ever been with one person.

So, they head back to the overnight fantasy suite where Nick feels under pressure since he was just blasted with a lot of information from Raven. The episode ended at that, boring right? Hopefully next week we’ll get to see what actually happens between those two and get to see other overnight dates happen.

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Fourth times a charm by//Ellen White