5 days without motivation by// Erin Short

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Well, I really didn’t have the motivation to write this. It is in fact, this column is multiple weeks late. So I’d say I succeeded at going five days without motivation.

All seniors struggle at this point of the year with finding that drive we need. FAFSA, scholarships, GPA, Graduation, everything can add up quick. Let’s be honest, every student experiences it, no matter what grade. We can already taste the sea salt and feel the sand between our toes at this point. It’s insane to think that as a senior I am three months or so away from earning a diploma. I’ve been working for, for almost 13 years. So why do we, the oldest in the school, find it so hard to find the push we need? I’m sure there’s some scientific answer, but truth is is, we are almost done and we know that.

There are many things I still have to complete on my senior check list but it’s true that I’m more worried about the upcoming boys regional games and my dance team winning state. The best way for me to motivate myself, basically my only way, is to think of the future career I want and my life and yes, college is a huge milestone for us and it’ll be here before we know it. This time right now is what matters most. All the times we dreamed of finding what we wanted to do with our lives and running with it, that time is now.

Let the doubts motivate you! There has been so many times that people have judged me for how I live my life, or the actions I choose to make, but I truly use all the negative energy the put out and use it as motivation to succeed. Success is the best revenge.

So if you still haven’t taken your SAT, you’re cramming the night before writing an essay due, or trying to memorize 50 vocab words for next period, don’t worry. We are seniors and somehow, we are notorious for making it work, no matter how many days I go without motivation. I know somehow I’ll get what I need done, even if it’s two weeks late.

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5 days without motivation by// Erin Short