How to manage your time by// Orlenna Firkins

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A lot of people have trouble staying organized and managing their time wisely, but with these few steps anyone could be a time management expert in no time.

Get a binder. A binder with dividers will help a lot with organization. Just one big binder, about a 3 inch with however many dividers labeled with that you need is perfect. It’s easier than having a bunch of folders with different subjects or uses. This way everything you need is in one place.

Write everything down. Start carrying around either a small notebook and pen or some type of sticky notes. Write down every little thing you need to remember for later and carry it around with you. If it’s the notebook, keep it with you at all times. If it’s the sticky notes, stick them somewhere you’ll see it a bunch like on your phone or computer. This will ensure that you won’t forget anything because there’s a constant reminder in front of you.

Set your clock 10 minutes earlier. When you have some kind of appointment or have to wake up at a certain time always set your clock 10 minutes earlier than what you originally intended to. This will help you get ready without you having to worry about being pressed for time.

Set reminders. Most people these days have a phone and take it everywhere with them. Setting little reminders on it to go off when you need it to will help you remember the little things you can’t forget.

Following these few steps will help tremendously with improving your time management and organization. With the next nine weeks coming up, this could really come in handy.

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How to manage your time by// Orlenna Firkins