Don’t judge a book by its cover

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By: Shelby Wells


In The Bag

They say don’t judge someone by their appearance…that’s because they key to knowing a girl isn’t by how she dresses, it’s by what she keeps in her purse. It’s the one thing she will typically have with her at all times, the things she holds most dearly. NAHS Senior Autumn Burdette is no exception. When searching amongst the depths of Burdette’s large, never-ending purse, it was apparent that she kept more than the typical phone, wallet, keys.
Mini Straightener- “Sometimes I need to touch up my hair when I’m at school or out and about. There are outlets in the bathroom so I can always use it. I try to always make sure my hair looks nice”
Numi Berry Black Darjeeling tea bag- “Tea is one of my favorite drinks. It’s organic and I love black tea. My friend Brianna gave it to me.”
Deodorant- “Oh, it’s special deodorant! It’s Secret Truth or Pear: Scent Expression. I love it, it smells good and makes me feel more girly.”
PINK Warm and Cozy Victoria’s Secret spray: “They were on sale 3 for $30, I also got body scrub. I love their products so much!”
Label Maker: “Surprisingly, I’m very organized. Plus it’s cute and little. I put labels on random things when I’m bored. I labeled my name on my wallet.”
Chapstick: “I have two brands actually that I use. Two different applications. I use Blistex Deep Renewal, which has no color. I also use Mabelline Cherry Me chapstick on my bottom lip for a little color.”
Plugs (Ear Jewelry): I have 00 plugs in multiple colors. I switch them with my outfits. I’ve been stretching my ears since sophomore year but I’ve been at 00 for six months because I decided to stop.”
iPhone: “I love my phone. I never go anywhere without it. iPhones are so much better than droids.”

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Don’t judge a book by its cover