I only talk in #hashtags by// Chaireth Jones

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For the majority of my three years in newspaper, I have always written about things that didn’t pertain to me, or the things that HAD to be covered for our issues. Now it is my time to shine and write about things that pertain to myself and my senior year. Whether my stories are about something amazing that happened to me that week, or my biggest pet peeves, from here on out, I only talk in #Hashtags.


I’m sure we have all had those moments where we have constantly worried about something nonstop. Whether it be that you didn’t study for a test, or the fact that you have to get up in front of your whole class and do a presentation, we have all been there. Now that you’ve spent the past couple of days or even week worrying about whatever you are dreading, the time has finally come to face it. As soon as you have to face it, you realize that it was not as big as a deal as you were making it. Now you have wasted so much time and effort stressing over nothing. Here are a few moments that after they are over the may make you have that #NoBiggie feeling.

When you didn’t study for a test that you thought would be really hard…

There you are, sitting at home not doing anything and you think to yourself, I don’t need to study for that test, I’ll be fine. You are fine all night long, and confident that you can pass it. Then the day of the test you start worrying. The thought of failing that test won’t get out of your head. You think that once you fail the test, then you will start failing the class, and then you will fail high school and have to do it all over again. You have spent all day worrying about it and now the time has come. You walk into the class that the test is in, and you are not ready for what is about to become. You sit down, and the teacher passes out the test. You start working on it, and halfway through you realize you had absolutely no reason to worry. The test is cake and you will pass. You have no more worries. You will pass the test, you will pass the class, and you will pass high school. That test was #NoBiggie.

When you have to do a class presentation…

If you are anything like me, you HATE class presentations. Standing up in front of everyone in the class, while they are all secretly judging your every move. There is nothing worse than it. You are in the class and your teacher assigns you a day for your presentation. As soon as you figure out what day it is, you start stressing. You think to yourself, what if I mess up  or what if I have word vomit. You constantly think of everything that could go wrong while you are presenting. You think about it every day, and every night and eventually, your presentation day is here. You are so worried about it that you are almost breaking out in a sweat. You walk into the class, and the teacher calls your name to go up to the front of the class and get it all ready. Once you are done getting everything ready, the class is ready for you to present. You start presenting, and then everything goes perfect. You finish up, and then sit down and it feels like there is a brick being lifted off your chest. You then realize that you had no reason to freak out or worry about it. That presentation was #NoBiggie, and know now that you don’t need to freak out about them anymore. (But we all know we will still stress about the next presentation we have to do.)

When everything randomly starts going wrong in your life…
I’m sure we have all had the short periods of time where we feel like the whole world is against us. No matter what we do, we just can’t win or do anything right. You’ve failed every test you’ve taken this week, there’s something wrong with your car, and now you have some issues at work. Great. You literally feel as if everything is going to end horribly. You’ll fail school, your car will break down for good, and now you are gonna get fired. I have had many instances like this. You will have a break down and feel like the world is coming to an end, but before you know it, that horrible period of time will be over, and you will have survived. Even though it sucked, you survived and you will be prepared for the next time this happens in your life. Now that it is over, you will look back and think to yourself #NoBiggie, and that’s what you will continue to think until the next time it happens.

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I only talk in #hashtags by// Chaireth Jones