Fourth times a charm by//Ellen White

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At the beginning of this episode, Rachel gets alone time with Nick as they go cross-country skiing and they sit down and have an “opening up” talk because they’re both scared to open up. I feel like they should’ve opened up to each other by now. Finally, Rachel tells Nick that she’s falling in love with him and he responds by telling her that he is falling as well. She accepts the overnight date card and they head back to the suite.

Vanessa then gets the one-on-one date and they run back and forth from an ice cold Jacuzzi to a sauna. This season has had the most awkward dates ever before. It gets real awkward when she pretty much tells Nick that she won’t be leaving Montreal if they end up together because seeing her family once a week is very important to her. Vanessa asks Nick if he’d ever move to Montreal and he said he would compromise for the girl that he loves, but couldn’t picture himself living there. Well, does he not love her? She loves him, after she tells him, Nick tears up.

After these dates, it takes them to the rose ceremony where Nick sends Rachel home. Shocking. Not really, because we already knew that she was going to end up leaving sooner or later. He ends it by telling her that she is an incredible woman, but just hopes to be friends one day. This isn’t the end for her though; she’s the next Bachelorette.

Next up was the Women Tell All portion of the season and it’s basically the woman reflecting back on the season and their thoughts, a drag on. Each woman came back to give their thoughts: Jaimi, Liz, Elizabeth, Josephine, Lacey, Christen, Alexis, Dominique, Astrid, Hailey, Taylor, Sarah, Jasmine G., Danielle L., Corinne, Whitney, Danielle M., and Kristina. The first topic that was brought up was all about Corrine of course, telling her straight up that she has issues. LOL. Elizabeth puts the spotlight on Taylor, telling her that if she were good at her phycology job then she wouldn’t be so caught up in Corrine’s life. Chris literally has to whistle to get the women to shut up.

The first person in the hot seat is Liz; she got to explain her story behind knowing Nick before the show. We’ve all heard it before, she liked someone else when she first met Nick, but later realized that she really had feelings for him. She said it was just fate that he was going onto the Bachelor, obviously not.

Next up is Taylor, Chris Harrison asks Taylor to explain what her definition of emotional intelligence is. Taylor said that Corrine’s words just had a negative impact on her life, but Corrine just grabs a glass of champagne instead because everybody agrees that Taylor walked around the house acting like she was better than everybody else.

It’s Corrine’s turn in the hot seat and she begins by talking about how she knows that she came off a little intimidating, but that’s just how she is. Corrine said that she isn’t one to hold grudges, so she won’t stay mad at the girls that don’t like her. Lastly, Rachel thanks Nick for giving her a good run and tells the girls that her season will be much better than this one.

Let’s hope.

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Fourth times a charm by//Ellen White