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Eight ways to have a good time this spring break

Spring break feels like it is a breath away. As the temperature climbs the scale and as our books close and collect dust spring break will arrive shortly. Due to the notorious reputation spring break has to go crazy for a week, not doing anything can kill anyone’s vibe. So, here is a list of things to keep your hype up and the good times flowing.

  1. Hiking

If you like to go outside, hiking is definitely for you. Grab a friend or two, put together a picnic, grab a backpack, find a rather large stick and go have a blast! Some great places to go hike are: the Loop Island Trail, Hanover, and the Garden of the Gods in Illinois.

2. Go shopping

Even if you’re a guy spending money on consumer goods is fun. Spring time is a great time to restock on new clothes and spring clean out any items you don’t need anymore.

3. Just drive

A late night drive on a long road can do the soul good. Grab some friends and crank up the tunes!

4. Movie Night

Couch it and Netflix it. Watching eight movies in a row can’t be such a bad thing can it?

5. Parks and rec

Going to the park with your favorite dog will give you a breath of fresh air.

6. Take an art class

Being stuck in class everyday leaves a wanting in the frequency in which you express yourself. An art class is a great way to express everything you have been cooping up on the inside of yourself for the past nine weeks.

7. Spring cleaning

It has to be done sometime. Why not during spring break? There is going to at least one day when you are feeling productive. Use it for a good cause – your sanity.

8. Good friends = good times

Fit your friends into your spring break. Spring break is a great time to let loose and finally have fun, what better people to do that with than your best friends?

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Emily's Eight by// Emily Owens