How to: Get Ready for Prom (Girls Edition) By// Julia Campisano

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Prom is approaching quickly, (which is not helping my stress level) and the time to make preparations is now. Like literally, right now. As someone who has been to prom before, I am here to help make your evening go so much easier for the upcoming event. This can be a really difficult and stressful process, and I am going to be your fairy Godmother for the moment to help alleviate some of the painstaking necessities before the big day. Here are my tips for getting ready for prom, just for my ladies! (Sorry guys, I don’t really know what you all do to get ready. Not just for prom but in any other aspect of life. What DO you guys do? Mysterious creatures, the male gender.)

Step 1. Start tanning. (Unless you’re already tan or darker skinned.) And by tanning I mean go to the beds every day, use fake tanner, and stay in the sun constantly. I mean all day. Unless you’re in the tanning bed. If it’s raining outside you can camp out at the tanning salon. By the time prom comes around, hopefully you’ll be as orange as an…orange? At least everyone won’t remember you as a ghost in all their pictures with you.

Step 2. Grow your hair out. Like as long as possible, just don’t cut it. You may want to get it done on prom so go ahead and do your dye-jobs and highlights early so if it turns out atrocious you’ll have a little time to fix it. If your hair doesn’t work out by the time the day comes around, you can always get a wig or just shave it all off. It worked for Britney Spears so I’m sure it’ll be the same for you.

Step 3. Practice your makeup. Like every day. Before school, after school, before you go to bed, before going out to eat, just constantly practice it. For one, you’ll get tips from your friends on how to make it better when they see it at school, and you’ll be completely sure yourself that you’ll look BOMB on prom night. If you’re having it done by a professional then you don’t really need to do anything except look up pictures and tell them what you want on your face. Taking the easy way out doesn’t always work, ladies.

Step 4. Practice dancing in the mirror. You don’t wanna get out on the dance floor and look like an idiot, that way you’re able to impress everyone prom night with your sweet swinging skills. Make sure you listen to stuff that would be played at prom. That way you can learn the words and seem maybe 25% cooler than you were before.

Step 5. Start going to the gym. Be careful not to lose so much weight or gain so much muscle that you can’t fit into your dress. The reason you should start going to the gym is to help you gain some stamina. Trust me, when everyone else is breaking a sweat on the dance floor and you’re still going strong, they’ll be wishing they had done the same thing.

Step 6.  Charge your phone for like a million years before you leave. if it dies, you could be without photos, emergency line for touch ups, or even without a contact if your ride breaks down. Your phone could be the difference between life and death. Seriously. Also, you’ll want to take as many videos and photos as you can because you’ll want to remember that day for the rest of your life.

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How to: Get Ready for Prom (Girls Edition) By// Julia Campisano