Fourth times a charm by//Ellen White

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This was the last episode and it lasted three hours and even though I love watching the show, three hours was a drag. On this episode, the two finalists, Raven and Vanessa, meet Nick’s family and then later on in the show Nick proposes to the woman of his dreams.

The first hometown date is Raven and whenever they first walk into the door Nick’s family doesn’t even seem excited for them to be there. Bella, Nicks sister,  talked to Raven first, asking her if she loved Nick and after Raven said that she does, Bella said that she is Team Raven all the way. It’ll be awkward later on. His dad was more worried about Nick’s feelings than Raven’s, he didn’t really care if Raven was in love with Nick or not. Although Nick’s mom and dad did say that Raven would be a great partner for Nick.

Next up was Vanessa’s hometown date and Nick’s dad was more than excited to meet her and get to know all about her. His mom was kind of offish about Vanessa when she asked her if it was okay that she wasn’t for sure if she felt 100% about getting engaged yet. His mom basically said that she hopes Vanessa finds the answer before the proposal actually happens. Even after that question to his mom, you can tell that she was Team Vanessa.

After both women are gone from the hometown dates, his parents sit Nick down to talk to him. His mom tells him what side she was on because she thought that Vanessa was a more serious partner.

The next day, both of the women go on their last dates with Nick. Vanessa got the chance to ride horses through the snow and Raven slides on the ice while ice-skating. Vanessa spends most of her night after that crying because she hates the thought of Nick having feelings for another woman. Ravens date was totally different; she was happy and smiley the whole entire time.

After the rose ceremony where Nick gets to propose to one of them, Raven goes first. Everyone who watches The Bachelor knows that the woman who goes first is the woman that goes home. I felt so bad for her. Not really though. Raven walks in all smiley and tells Nick how much she loves him and Nick continues to tell her that he respects her so much, but isn’t in love with her, but with someone else. Raven handles the situation like a champ; she said that she knows Nick will miss her and that’s true. I still don’t really know if Nick knows what he is doing, but I’m okay with the decision.

Next, Vanessa walks in. She should’ve already known what was going to happen when she saw Raven’s jacket still hanging up. Nick explains that he was trying to fight their love for a long time, but doesn’t want to anymore and tells her how much he is in love with her. She said back that she had always been looking for a love like the one that they shared and she finally did and she doesn’t want to let go. Then, you all probably know what happened next, he got down on one knee and proposed and we all cried. I cried because I wanted to be Vanessa at that moment. The only thing we have left to wonder is if they’re actually going to last or not.

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Fourth times a charm by//Ellen White