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For the majority of my three years in newspaper, I have always written about things that didn’t pertain to me, or the things that HAD to be covered for our issues. Now it is my time to shine and write about things that pertain to myself and my senior year. Whether my stories are about something amazing that happened to me that week, or my biggest pet peeves, from here on out, I only talk in #Hashtags.


The time has come. We are officially only a couple days away from the start of spring break. It is almost time to stay out late with friends and sleep in as much as we can. We don’t have to worry about any homework or stress that comes along with school. We are finally able to live our lives as freely as our parents let us, and break free from the stress of our daily lives. Here are some types of ways people spend their spring breaks, some good (and maybe bad) parts about them, and tips to make your spring break the best that it can be.

At the beach…

You would be crazy to have to hate this type of spring break. It is one of the best ones out there. From the early morning sunrises, to spending all day laying out at the beach, it is one of the most relaxing types of spring breaks. There is so much to do at the beach, it would be hard to not have a good time. Although it can tend to be a little cooler at the beach during spring break, it is still enjoyable. Apart from all of the crazy fun things that come along with spring break at the beach, you also get to rub it in all of your friends’ faces who are staying home for #SpringBreak. At times, things can tend to get a bit crazy during spring break at the beach. This is when it comes down to you knowing when and where to be certain places, so that you don’t get in trouble. You can have fun, without getting in serious trouble, and you can still have an unforgettable #SpringBreak.

At home…

Although this tends to be one of the most-hated types of spring breaks, there are many ways to make it fun and enjoyable. This is the most typical way that I have spent my spring breaks, and I can honestly say most of the time it sucks. You just sit at home and watch all of your friends post pictures of all of them at the beach living it up, which is the absolute worst.  Even if you’re bummed, you have to try and make the best out of it. Whether you adventure to new places, or spend every night out with your friends, try and make it the best you can. My tip for this type of spring break is that if  you are staying home try and do something around town that you have never done or experienced before. It may seem like your spring break doesn’t compare to a destination break, but there are many things you can do to make your #SpringBreak better than usual.

Out of town somewhere other than the beach…

Although this isn’t always ideal because most people would rather be at the beach on spring break, there are still many places to go, and things to do out of town that will make you have an amazing spring break. From going to visit family in a different state, to going to Gatlinburg, or maybe even Disney world, there are plenty of ways to have a good spring break. Sometimes spring breaks at places other than the beach or at home can be the best ones. You get to experience new things and places and you aren’t always doing the same exact thing that everyone else is. It can seem like this type of #SpringBreak may not be the most ideal, or as good as going to the beach, but it will be as fun as you make it.

No matter how you spend your #SpringBreak you can have a good time. It is what you make it, so this year make it the best spring break you have ever had, so that when the time to go back to school comes, you will have plenty of good #SpringBreak stories to tell and make all of your friends jealous.

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