Student’s locker is home to mysterious findings

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By: Mary Reising


New Albany is a huge school – home to over 2,000 students… and over 2,000 lockers. As you can probably imagine, with so many lockers to provide, it is impossible for every student to receive a locker in the main hallways. In fact, some students get stuck with lockers in remote locations of the school, and unfortunately, sometimes these students’ schedules don’t allow them the time to make the trek to their far-flung locker location. Just what do these abandoned lockers hold in their dusty depths? Junior, Cheyenne Stephens gives us some insight into the contents of a discarded student locker. Stephens’ schedule has not allowed her to visit her locker since the beginning of the school year, however she recently stopped by her locker and gave us the inside scoop on what gets thrown into an abandoned locker. The following are some of her more interesting findings:

Soccer ball: “I play on the girls soccer team and after the season ended this year I guess I never had the motivation to take this back home!”

Emergency brake: “…Long story behind this one. I didn’t want to take this home for fear of my dad seeing it, so I threw it in here.”

Soccer banner: “Before sectionals this year, all the girl’s soccer players were surprised with banners with our name, number, and picture on our lockers. After a few months, I figured it was time to take this down, so I just threw it in my locker.”

Cheez-its: “Couldn’t tell you how these got in here…these are OLD though…that’s nasty.”

Sperry’s: “So that’s where those went…”

Aztec poster: “For my world history class we had to make a poster presentation on the Aztecs. Again, never felt like bothering with taking this home so it ended up shoved in my locker.”

While the contents of Stephens’ locker are far from usual, her situation is quite common at NAHS. Guaranteed, there are many other students facing the same situation of an inconvenient locker location. What else lurks in the abandoned lockers of New Albany High School?

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Student’s locker is home to mysterious findings