Turn your hobby into a little extra cash

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By: Shelby Embry

Journalism I Student

A teacher, teen, and father learn how to fill their pockets with extra cash

The days for her are long in the classroom at NAHS, but her excitement comes when that final bell rings at the end of the day.  Stages, microphones, and loud dance music fill her nights and weekends.

CIE and Health teacher, Kim Scott, found a way to turn her favorite activity into a way of making money.  She enjoys singing in her band in her free time for a little extra cash.  She is part of 100% Poly, a band that plays 1970’s dance music to current dance music.  She is the lead singer in the band, but says the band is not her first priority in life.

“My number one job is that I’m a mom, so juggling being a teacher, a singer, and photographer can be hectic at times, but I love my hobbies so I make it work,” Scott said.  “My hobbies don’t feel like work, they’re fun.”

After experience in the classroom with all kinds of students, Scott said she sees a difference in kids that make a little money on their own.  She explained how they tend to be more responsible students.

“Students that are involved in hobbies are more organized, they work hard in class so they don’t have work to do after school, and they do better in school since there are consequences of not passing,” Scott said.

Zackary Hanson, a junior at Jeffersonville High School, is an example of a student who has learned responsibility and the value of making his own money through a hobby of his own, playing video games.

“I’ve always loved playing games, and playing them for more games is even better,” Hanson said.

Hanson is sponsored by GameStop.  He plays Call of Duty on his Xbox and earns in-store credit to purchase more games.  He explained that the only way to earn these in store credits is to win tournaments on Call of Duty.

“I love the idea of playing games for money,” Hanson said.  “I don’t get actual money, but I do get in-store credits.  I can always buy more games, controllers, and memory cards.”

Mother of sixteen-year-old Hanson, Donna Hanson, has come to love the idea of her teenager making money on his own.

“It helps me out in the long run because I don’t have to buy every new game that hits the shelf in stores,” Donna said.

According to Donna, she feels like this little way to make money has not changed Zackary.  She says that he is still the same person overall, he can just buy his own games.

“I think only a real job can teach teens responsibility,” Donna said.

Parent of two teenage girls, James Embry disagrees though.  He has learned that both he and his daughter have the same hobby.  Together they go hunting, and then they sell their deer meat for a small price.

“We both love to go hunting and I grew up watching my dad turn his deer meat into jerky,” Embry said.  “I learned from him, so I want to teach my girls the same.”

He believes that having a hobby and doing it with your child shows responsibility and teaches them to do the same.

“My daughter helps me in getting more deer meat and she also helps in making the meat,” Embry said. “I love that I make money from something I love to do, especially when I have my daughter helping along the way.  I believe she will stick with her hobbies that much longer when there is money involved.”

Whether you are a role model for your students like Scott, do it for fun like Hanson, or enjoy the time with your kids and teaching lessons like Embry, having a hobby and making a little extra cash could be enjoyable if it is what you love to do.

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Turn your hobby into a little extra cash