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By: Celeste Nevil

In many students’ minds summer vacation is a chance to catch up on sleep, go somewhere far away from NAHS, and keep educational thoughts somewhere nobody will find them.  Although summer is a chance to finally relax for a while, sometimes it can be really boring but there are many job opportunities to help make money instead of spending it.

One of the best jobs to get during the summer season would be at a camp. Being a camp counselor means taking responsibility and caring for kids, but there are camps for many different things so interested students are likely to find a job at a camp interesting to them.  For example there is a camp in Millersburg, Kentucky, which isn’t very far from Lexington, called the Military Adventure Camp US Army Cadet Corps for ROTC members or people who are interested in the military. Since younger kids are looking for a chance to get away a camp is a great place to work. Not only are camps good to work at because many jobs are open but also because it gives students a chance to teach kids some things and get away from home for a little while.

“I was a camp counselor for a year,” sophomore Kristen Knight said. “ I got to teach kids things and I got a chance to be away from home for a while.”

Another good job for the hot summer days would be a lifeguard. Being a lifeguard gives students a chance to spend all day by the pool, but most of the time a lifeguard just sits in the sun. Don’t underestimate this job though; if someone really does start to drown, it’s a lifeguard’s job to save the person. According to the website Top USA Jobs, there is a job opening at The Forum At Brookside, the YMCA and at the Galt House Hotel in Louisville and they pay well, but a first aid class might put applicants at an advantage to others.

Restaurants are usually busy in the summer. Although some restaurants have age restrictions the servers make good money and gain work experience.

“When I was a senior in high school I worked at Ponderosa Steakhouse,” history teacher Charlie Fields said. “I washed dishes, but I earned money.”

A lot of people like to have benefits when they apply for a job. A movie theater is another good place to work over the summer. At places like The Great Escape and Corydon Cinemas they are hiring and while it may not be a very fun job, members can see movies for free and can  usually get discounts or free concessions, along with the free movies. It’s a good place to get a job at over the summer because many students who don’t get to go anywhere will probably need something to do and therefore the movies will be pretty busy.

“Working at the movies is good because I get to see all the free movies I want,” sophomore Max Mattox said. “But working at the movies has also made me a harder worker.”

Volunteering is always a good idea and it looks good for college. There are many places to volunteer  such as soup kitchens, the Salvation Army and homeless shelters.

“I volunteer at Choices for Women once or twice a week when they need me” junior Katie Glover said. “It’s great because I love writing and I’m very pro-life, so it’s cool to be working somewhere where I’m making a difference.”

Although volunteering won’t make someone fast money or give them the  money they might need to take themselves shopping, it can help someone gain experience and make a difference.

“If you want money, then volunteering isn’t the best for you, but you gain experience,” Glover said.

There are many jobs that are hiring over the summer and need people to work, so even if summer is a time to relax, it can also be a time to earn some money.  It’s also a time to show responsibility and maturity. There are so many places to work and they all have their benefits.

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