25 days left by//Erin Short

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We are about a month away from the end of the school year and I know for seniors it is flying by faster than any other time in our lives. As each day passes we face many “last” experiences that we’ll never have again. We have had our last high school spring break and next comes our last prom.

Today students are rushing to check their grades, asking their counselors about their attendance record, and making sure they don’t have too many tardies. As you can guess, prom tickets are for sale. Not only one of the most stressful two days of the year if you aren’t eligible to go to prom, but also the beginning of one of the biggest lasts of the year.

When most people think of high school they think of prom and relate their own experiences to the ones of students our age. So much time and money goes into prom now that many people can’t believe it. Thousands of dollars, blood, sweat and tears. We have to plan our flowers, transportation, meals, pictures, jewelry, shoes, hair, makeup, and so much more.

The next school day we have the legendary “senior skip day” which shows how much care goes into the rest of the school year. Senioritis takes over and grades begin to slowly drop. You could say that the two days prom tickets are on sale are the last days students focus on their transcript.

Not only is prom only five days away, on Wednesday the class of 2017 gets our caps and gowns. This symbolizes our entire high school career coming to an end. We always think about ordering our graduation apparel, but never truly realize how quickly the day comes that we get it.

Many people think about the moment they throw their cap into the air on graduation day for their whole lives. With all the work that goes into getting your diploma, the moment comes and goes too fast. We work for 13 years to ultimately earn 42+ credits and walk across a stage for a handshake and a piece of paper. This moment defines our entire lives and receiving our cap and gown brings the realization that it is coming to end to life.

With graduation only 41 days away, seniors have to take in all the lasts that are coming towards us. Although there won’t be many left, they still mean the world to us.

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25 days left by//Erin Short