Big purse, even bigger dreams

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By: Chloe Kellams


One in 2000+

Jenny Falcone, a senior at New Albany, is an involved thespian who can be found in almost any organization at the school.  Whether she’s on stage or tutoring she is keeping herself involved and trying to make an impact on everyone she encounters.  Those who know her throughout school say her bubbly personality and knack for the spotlight makes her an approachable, kind individual who others have no reluctance to reach out to.  A deeper understanding of her crazy world can be found none other than in the items of her purse.  Let’s take a look.

1. iPod:

“I record all of my dance on them; otherwise I’d forget them all.  And for my music of course.”

2. Dance shoes:

“They pretty much go everywhere with me.  One day I hope to inspire someone with them as much as I’ve been inspired.”

3. Bible:

“It always reminds me to do what’s right even when it seems impossible.”

4. Scholarship folder:

“I keep all my college and scholarship information in here. And good Lord, it is so important senior year.”

5. Phone:

“It used to be used only for emergencies, but after I had it for a week, it was glued to my hand.”

6. Necklace:

“It’s from my sister, but I’m always afraid to wear it because I don’t want to break it.  It reminds to never lose sight of my dreams.”

7. Credit Card:

“It raises my credit score for my future and gives me responsibility.”

8. Calendar:

“I try to keep track of all my jobs and rehearsals. That way I can incorporate social life with my busy schedule.”

Falcone, with her infectiously bubbly personality and knack for all things performing arts, sits with her purse.

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Big purse, even bigger dreams