Too old for toys by//Savannah Herring & Sophie Owens

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Toys are what build one’s imagination.

Do you remember that Barbie doll you use to play with as a child? Or that super cool truck you got to pick out at the store with your dad? Those toys you spent hours playing with are the toys that shaped you and your personality growing up. Without realizing it, toys prepare a child in some way on how to take care of the things that belong to us.

legosToys give us the power to do what we please. When you hold a doll in your arms and you decide you want to give the Barbie doll a haircut, you have the power to do so. As you pick out and play with these individual toys they begin to make a person out of you in some way. They built a personality within you that will stay with you all the way to adulthood.

Sophomore Ellissa Neeley recognizes how her toys have shaped her.

“I think it does shape a person,” Neeley said. “I think my childhood toys shaped me. I had a very big imagination and it helps me today to visualize things and help get everyday tasks done.”

As you look back to your childhood and the toys you played with, you begin to realize how those toys played a part in the things you are interested in now. If you played with doctor items you are probably into doctors. If you played with swords or guns you are probably interested in superheroes or criminal activity. Things like that help develop your interest as you get older.

Sophomore Mitchell Welch was affected by the toys he played with as a child.

“The toys I played with when I was a kid encouraged my interest in cars,” Welch said.

The very first toy you picked out at the store was also the first time you chose what kind of person you hoped to be one day. Whether you picked out a doll, a skateboard, or a toy associated with a sport, that one toy represented your interest at an early age. The way you played and handled that toy such as putting makeup on your barbie doll, pretend you were a doctor or other situations. Toys began your hopes of what you will be when you get older.

Sophomore John Triplett chose his first career choice based on the toys he played with.

“When I was little I always wanted to be a train conductor,” Triplett said.

All kids get toys and play with them. As you look back toys play enormous part in the way we develop into adults. Toys create our imagination and set goals at a very young age. The toys we picked out and wanted are the toys that gave us one great childhood.

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Too old for toys by//Savannah Herring & Sophie Owens