digital druglord – Blackbear / Album Review // by Tyler Boren & Matthew Fitzsimmons

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Tyler’s Favorite Song: do re mi

Matthew’s Favorite Song : do re mi

Matthew Tyler Musto, better known as Blackbear, released digital druglord on April 20, 2017. This is a pop album with lots of singing and hip beats. Blackbear is a talented young singer who knows how to make relatively fun music. digital druglord reached number 14 in its peak on Billboard 200, and it is a fun collection of songs designed to keep you driving with the windows down screaming lyrics in the summer, while still hitting you with some deep lyrics.

This album is a decent summer album. The strong, fast, upbeat feeling that most of the instrumentals have are very fun to listen to, and are catchy enough to keep your attention. The song “moodz” which features 24hrs, is a relaxed instrumental with smooth vocals. Most of the verses have catchy lyrics, but the chorus is a bit repetitive. Another song is “do re mi”, which takes the classic tune that everyone can recognize, and puts a modern twist about an ex girlfriend on it. The song features a catchy beat and cool effects. With a fun rhythm, it turns the sore subject of a break up into a fun summer jam.

This album is an interesting mix between modern day problems and catchy beats and songwriting. It is good but it feels repetitive. We give this album a 3 out of 5. This album is available on iTunes and Spotify.

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digital druglord – Blackbear / Album Review // by Tyler Boren & Matthew Fitzsimmons