An ode to six minutes

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By Jessica Sears

NAHS students adjust to new six minute passing periods

Starting a new school year can be tough.  New classes, new teachers, and changes in the building can be overwhelming.  One major change that has had students buzzing is the switch from six minute passing periods to five minutes.

According to Assistant Principal Mr. Jason Flener, NAHS originally had five minute passing periods.

“We then switched to seven minutes when we had block scheduling.  When we switched to seven periods, we used six minutes as more of a transition,” Flener explained.

Senior Ashley Varney isn’t a big fan of the new passing periods.

“I don’t think the passing period changing has been the worst thing ever, but it has made it harder to get to class,” Varney said.  “I think the change was unnecessary because we sit in school for seven hours all week and aside from lunch, you’re working.  We take all the social time we can get.”

Sophomore Brittany Probst also shares a similar viewpoint.  Probst says that the hallways have become a lot more chaotic and crowded.

“People are moving slowly, and some others are moving quickly, so people are getting jammed in the hallways,” Probst said.  “Because of the new passing periods you don’t get to talk to your friends as much and you don’t get to go to your locker. A lot of classes are spread out and there isn’t a lot of time to get there.”

While several might agree the new passing period time is deemed “unnecessary”, others share different opinions.  Junior Jessica Miller claimed she doesn’t mind the new passing period at all.

“I still have enough time to get to my classes,” Miller said. “I feel that people dilly-daddle in the hall, so that’s why they don’t get to class on time.”

While it is true many classes are far away from each other, Flener himself pretended to be a student with the worst possible schedule to ensure that all students could handle a five minute passing period.

“If a student wants to get to class on time, he or she will.  I don’t think it’s about the time, but the motivation to get to class,” Flener said.

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An ode to six minutes