Farewell Letter by//Jackson Wigley

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The day that I thought would never arrive, is almost here. Graduation.

IMG_2861I can remember going to Freshman Orientation and feeling so nervous for my first day. I was scared that I would be forced to smoke some cigs or get a swirly. The freshman concerns were present pretty much the whole year. My first day wasn’t to memorable, the only thing I remember was my laced Toms, my low-a** cargo shorts, and my innocent high-pitched voice. I remember looking at the seniors and thinking of how old they looked and wondered if I would one day look that old as well. All the guys looked like men with their beards and height. The girls looked like moms, like mad old, but they were only 17 or so. I decided to join the football team (thanks to Chad) because I really wanted to be in weightlifting and have my glo up. I sucked at football and hated it, but I stuck with it until my junior year.

Nothing too exciting happened my sophomore year. I grew maybe an inch, but I still had no facial hair, no deep voice, but I did lose a little bit of weight. I started to care more about my grades when they would get to low. I had a 67 in Chem, so I worked all semester to get it to a 98. I would do the minimum just to get my A’s and B’s. That’s one thing I regret, I wish I tried my freshman and sophomore year, it would’ve made my following two years a whole lot easier. I started to go to a few more Friday night football games and a couple more basketball games, thanks to afro-bearing Romeo.

Lit. That’s the only thing that can explain my junior year. I hit a huge growth spurt over the summer of my Junior year. I was a whopping 6’2 and I only weighed 165 pounds. I had my glo up, which wouldn’t have been possible without Adderall and Planet Fitness. I had the bestest friends I could’ve asked for. I hung out with Matt like every weekend with Adam and Bryce.  I became the stereotypical high school student. I hung out with friends and did stupid things every weekend. From partying at their grandma’s house to playing dare or dare. I went to all of the football games as a fan, not as a player. I met my favorite teachers, Christina Faulkner and Martin Wright. The basketball games were incredible. It was very enjoyable watching us win state. I got a job at Zaxby’s which was live, just kidding. It actually sucked, but I made a lot of money there. I wrestled junior year which was alright. The practices were hard and the singlets were very tight, but it made for good memories. I got strep like six times which sucked, but I got to miss school, which was fun. Towards the end of junior year I already started to catch senioritis, along with a couple of bodies.

My senior year went by faster than I could’ve imagined. I got accepted into my dream school, Purdue, but thanks to being a middle-class white kid, I got no financial aid. IUS IT IS!!!!!! The beginning of the year was kind of wild. I almost got in a fight with my junior year best friend (Matthew Fitzsimmons) thanks to me being stupid and ruining the friendship that took years to build. Just some advice for all y’all youngins, DON’T GET WITH YOUR BEST FRIEND’S CHICK, NO MATTER THE CIRCUMSTANCES! This caused to me lose my friendships with all of my old friends, but what a better time to make new ones, am I right? I got fired from Zaxby’s because I called in to go to the New Albany/Floyd Central basketball game hahaha. That job sucked anyways, we were always short staffed and I only had gotten one $.50 raise throughout my time being there. I worked at UPS over winter vacation which was live. I made a lot of money and I was going to bed at like nine every night and waking up at like six in the morning. Prom was a blast. I hadn’t gone to junior prom because of the tardy policy at this school, so I made the most of senior prom. I met my best friend Jordan Williamson and I started hanging out with Beef (Tyler Boren), which was one of my greatest high school decisions… If these guys weren’t in my life, I don’t know how I would’ve gone through this year. I went through a few breakups, but I got over them pretty quick, they were snakes anyways. In a whole, senior year wasn’t bad.

Now as I’m typing this in Finite, on May 15 at 2:24, I realize that high school was pretty great. All of the memories and fun times I had. I still don’t have a beard, but that’s okay because I have the height. I have a chick which is lit, but she goes to Silver Creek, the chicks are pretty boring here. Or maybe I just can’t pull a chick here.



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Farewell Letter by//Jackson Wigley