Farewell Letter by//Devin Yockey

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I was really excited to start high school, coming from Hazelwood, I was a little bit nervous because I didn’t know what to expect. It was a whole different ballgame for me and high school was so much different than middle school. I started on the swim team freshman year and I absolutely hated it more than anything at the beginning because I was shy and the most awkward person you’d ever meet. I didn’t really come out of my shell until sophomore year. I’m glad that I actually learned to come out of my shell because I honestly was weird and I kind of feel bad for my parents now because they had a really odd child.

Sophomore year was an okay year for me because I met one of my best friends and she helped me become the outgoing and crazy person that I am to this day. I went to a prom my sophomore year which was cool because I was an underclassman, sadly I went with someone that I’m no longer friends with. I’ve realized that not all friends stick around, and that’s okay because I don’t care. I also met another one of my best friends sophomore year through the swim team and I actually started to like being on the team. Little did I know that high school could get going to get any better.

Junior year was a really good year. I realized that I had to do everything for myself and stop worrying about what everyone else thought of me. Because of that realization, I ditched my prom date to go with my best friend a week before junior prom. At first I thought I was wrong, but shortly after decided that I made the right decision because I did what I wanted to do. This year I met my best friend in my US History class because we were making fun of someone’s hair together and it’s been history ever since, kind of ironic since we met in a history class. I’d say this was my best year of high school until I met senior year.

Going into my senior year I was excited, but scared because in a short ten months I’d be making my decision to move out to Florida to attend my dream school of Florida Gulf Coast University. Back then I didn’t even think about the emotions I’d feel about leaving my best friends, some I’ve known forever and some I’ve only know for a year or so. I wasn’t quite sure what to feel and I didn’t know what to do, besides live every moment to the fullest with my friends because those times would shortly come to an end. Even though I’ll be moving to the Sunshine State in about a month or so, I’ll always remember boring old Indiana because the best years of my life occurred here, but I’m sure I’ll make some even better memories in Fort Myers, Florida. See ya later New Albany High School, I’m out.

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Farewell Letter by//Devin Yockey