The eighth day of Halloween

By Bret Walts


Looking for a classic Halloween costume? What’s more classic than a Scooby Doo character? With all their creepy and crazy adventures it makes perfect sense for Halloween. I decided to see what I could do to get a cheap, easy to make Fred costume. I went to Kohls, strolled around, and found myself a Fred costume. This costume includes the blonde wig, blue pants, orange scarf and white t-shirt. How much does it cost you say? Oh, just $41.99. But great news, it was on sale for a whole $4.20 less than originally, that’s a lot better right? No, and personally, I like my Fred costume even better than Kohls, and it was made from items found right in my house. That’s right, it was free.

Kohls Costume:

My Costume:

The Original Fred:

You can decide for yourself whose looks better, but I know for a fact mine is $37.79 cheaper.

Fred Costume Supplies:

White or Light Grey Sweatshirt/Long Sleeve T-shirt

Blue Polo

Blue Jeans

Yellow/Orange/Brown Shoes

Blonde Wig (Optional)

Orange Scarf (I cut up a shirt and used it in place of a scarf)

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