Recycling prom dresses

Gifting or receiving that perfect dress

By Ellie Stotts

The buzz during prom season is all about the dress. Whether you’re buying, selling, or wearing the dress, it’s more valuable than you think. A prom dress is not only the centerpiece for one of the most exciting nights of your life, but it can serve the same purpose for someone else.

“There is no reason for a beautiful and rather expensive dress to go to waste,” junior Clair Knable said. “If I’m not going to wear it again, why not let someone else?”

With girls spending so much money this time of year, making a little money on the side is a plus. Deciding to sell your prom dress is a great way to have extra money on your hand and become your own entrepreneur.  But how far can one dress go when going through different girls?

“I would sell mine because it’s a great way to make money that will benefit towards a new one,” senior Miranda Duffy said.

Four out of the five NAHS girls said that they would buy a dress from someone else that had already been worn once. The same four said that they would buy a dress from someone even after being worn twice, but only three girls were willing to buy a dress after being worn more than two times.

“I would sell a used prom dress for no less than $200,” senior Rebecca Bloyd said.

Making some money is better than none, when someone would agree to sell their prom dress for $50 to another girl, like senior Molly Noonan.

You can leave it to yourself to become a minimal entrepreneur or you can put your dress in the hands of a great consignment shop to sell. Mariposa Fine Consignment shop is a local store that many girls can rely on to sell their dress, while still being able to make a profit.

“I’ve bought my prom dresses from Mariposa for the last two years and I absolutely love the selection and how helpful they were,” senior Ally Howard said. “I love going in there for simple things and I know I can always find something.”

Prom dresses are capable of serving the same purpose for someone else as they did you. Don’t let a nice dress go to waste when you could help someone out on their big night and make money from it. Sounds like a win-win!

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