Harvest of honor

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Fall festival’s theme set to honor Armed Forces 

By Chaireth Jones 

Fall is right around the corner and we all know what that means, some of people’s favorite fall festivities are starting to begin. One of those festivities being Harvest Homecoming, which kicks off with the parade on the very first Saturday of October.

“I love Harvest Homecoming and I look forward to going each year,” sophomore Terri Evitt said.

While the parade, booths, and food vendors are staples and can be found year after year, the festival’s theme has changed every year for the past 45 years. Each year the president of the HH committee chooses a theme, and according to HH president, Jeff Cummins; this year’s theme is Harvest of Honor. The theme determines the design of the floats in the parade.

“Harvest is my favorite fall festivity. I am super excited about the new activities they are planning this year. I cannot wait,” sophomore Harmonie Sharpe said.

This year’s theme was chosen to pay tribute to armed forces and first responders.  Cummins says this theme should’ve been done a long time ago.

“It’s nice that they honor the veterans and the ones that are fighting for us now because it spreads awareness and what they do to protect our freedom,” sophomore Noah Day said.

Cummins says the theme is not the only thing new addition, there are several new events this fall.

One being a contest called the Pumpkin Chunking competition, which is sponsored by Purdue University. Participants will have to use a machine called a trebuchet to launch a five to seven pound pumpkin, from 100 yards away to try to hit the “Great Pumpkin”.

The “Who Wants To Be A College Student?” event was Sept. 29 where high school participants answered a series of questions, and based on participants’ answers they could win anywhere from $450-1,800 in scholarships for college. In order to participate in this event you must be a senior that is a resident of Floyd County, or goes to a high school in the Floyd County district.

“We always need volunteers and all the help we can get,” Cummins said.

The Harvest Homecoming committee encourages teens to come out, volunteer and help with something in the community. Not only will this help with college applications but it would also be a good thing to put on resumes.

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Harvest of honor