I only talk in #Hashtags by// Chaireth Jones

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For the majority of my three years in newspaper, I have always written about things that didn’t pertain to me, or the things that HAD to be covered for our issues. Now it is my time to shine and write about things that pertain to myself and my senior year. Whether my stories are about something amazing that happened to me that week, or my biggest pet peeves, from here on out I only talk in #Hashtags.


As we crawl toward the end of the third semester, a lot of us are starting to become tired, especially us seniors. I know it can start to feel like it’s almost impossible to keep going, but I have some motivational words for each grade (and even teachers) to help you make it through these last two semesters.

For freshmen…

You have almost done it! You are almost finished with your first official year of high school. I know before coming into high school, it could be a scary and overwhelming feeling, but you have almost made it through. Freshman year has been seen to be one of the worst years in your high school experience, and you are only inches away from passing the finish line. In order to #KeepGoing just think about the fact that after this year you will no longer be at the bottom of the food chain anymore, and you will finally get past that awful, first year in high school. Here’s to you class of 2020, you can do it. #KeepGoing.

For sophomores…

Sophomores, you’re in that awkward transition between an underclassman and an upperclassman. I know people say that freshman year can be the worst, but for myself, sophomore year was by far the hardest and most stressful, so I get it that you’re tired. It’s the year when you really start to find yourself and transition from the underclassman stage. I know it can be hard to keep going, but you all are almost Half. Way. There. You all are so close to finally being able to leave the title of “underclassman” behind, and you are one step closer to finally getting to move closer to the front of the student section. Keep your heads up and #KeepGoing class of 2019.

For juniors…

You’re almost to the end of your junior year. Next year you will be seniors and living it up until your graduation day. Although the fact that you will be a senior next year, and it’s your final year of high school is enough motivation to push through the rest of this year, you really need to pull out enough motivation for the rest of your junior and senior year. Many people will tell you that senior year is a breeze and fun, but it can be one of the most tiring and exhausting years of high school. It almost feels like it is never ending, but you can make it through, and finish strong. I know this isn’t much on motivation for you all, but just know that soon enough you will be out of this school, and going off to college, or whatever you plan to do after high school. As your senior year draws closer and closer, enjoy every bit of your time in high school as you can, before it’s gone.  Everyone believes you can do it, #KeepGoing.

For seniors…

We have almost made it. We only have less than 1 and ½ grading periods left. This year has felt like the longest and most drawn-out year of high school. We are so close to crossing the finish line and being done with high school forever. Although finishing high school can seem like it’s going to be the best thing to happen to us, we should really cherish the moments that we all have left together. After high school you won’t have that favorite class with all your close friends to look forward to; you won’t spend your Friday nights cheering on your basketball team or having late night food runs with your best friends. Some of our closest friends will be moving hours or maybe even states away from each other, and we may never talk to some people ever again. So my advice to you is to really cherish these last moments that we all have together, because we may never get them back. We can do it, #KeepGoing.

For teachers…

Teachers. You all are here for students 24/7 without a break. Although you all claim to love what you all do, students can tell that you get just as tired as we do. You work constantly to help students inside and outside of the classroom. As the end draws near, you will need some motivation to #KeepGoing just like everyone else. Just think, you all get a whole summer with no students. You will no longer have that one awful student to deal with (thank goodness) and you can relax by the pool, sleep in, and do everything that you can’t during the school year. Keep thinking about and planning all of the wonderful things that you will do throughout your student-free summer.  This will help you push through the end of the school year and finish with a bang. All of your students believe in you and want to be out of the classroom just as much as you do. You can do it, #KeepGoing.

Whatever the rest of this school year throws at you, you can get through it and finish off the year strong. No matter what, #KeepGoing.

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I only talk in #Hashtags by// Chaireth Jones