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13 Days of Halloween

Halloween tricks and treats on a budget

Are you having a hard time shelling out $50 for a Halloween costume this year? Soon to come to the Blotter online, members of our staff will be presenting thirteen do it yourself Halloween projects. This will feature costumes, crafty decorations, and fall treats. These are perfect for anyone wanting to save some money this upcoming Halloween. Here is a preview of what to expect in weeks to come:


Mini vampire pumpkins

By MaKayla Seifert


Most people carve out pumpkins with scary faces or patterns found in books, and some people have started painting them. Usually, these pumpkins sit outside until Halloween or until they rot. Why not try a combination of both but fun size?


To make mini vampire pumpkins you will need a mini pumpkin, a set of vampire teeth, and a sharpie.

I found Mini Jacks at Meijer for 69 cents and an eight pack of vampire teeth at Target for $1. I also found colored vampire teeth at the Dollar Tree for $1.

To start, carve a hole in your pumpkin about the width and height of your vampire teeth.

Next carve out the seeds and prepare to put the teeth into the pumpkin. Once you have the seeds carved out you’re ready to put the teeth in.

Now that the teeth are in you can use your sharpie to draw two circles for eyes.

You have finished your mini vampire pumpkin.

At home I had glitter pens and paint pins in our craft supplies so I took it a step farther. I made eyes that sparkled and eyes that looked three dimensional.



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