Facebook – Social networking has significant impact on your future

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By: Maddy Bellew, Jessie Madden & Shayla Jones

To Post or Not to Post:

Do’s of Facebook

• Use your real name (John TooFresh Smith is unacceptable and quite annoying).

• Use a real picture of yourself on your profile.

• Reach out to people you haven’t seen in a while or moved far away from you.

• Check your privacy settings and change your password often.

• Post accomplishments. When applying to colleges or jobs, professors or employers often search for people on Facebook. If you post your accomplishments instead of pictures of you partying, this will look very professional!

• Check out someones profile before you confirm them as a friend.

• ALWAYS remember to log out.

Don’ts of Facebook

• Don’t confuse Facebook with Twitter and post the same thing on both website.

• Don’t expose too much skin in your pictures

•Don’t parade your PDA and post a million pictures and wall comments of your boyfriend/girlfriend.

• Don’t accept all friend requests without looking at them first. Believe it or not, there are extremely dangerous Facebook predators out there.

•Don’t make it obvious that you are a frequent creeper on someone’s profile.

• Don’t post important personal information such as your cell number and address.

• Don’t be an overeager friender. Some profiles on Facebook are not real people, they are spam. So you should be careful about who you add.

Facebook can make or break your future plans

With the fall season comes party invites and exciting places to be. Laughs and drinks exchanged among friends and, without a doubt, pictures being taken. No one thinks about his or her tagged photos at parties as being ‘bad.’ However, adults may have a different opinion.

Many people of authority have a more cautious approach to what should be posted on the internet.

“Facebook etiquette should be the same as anywhere else. Parents need to check on their kids’ pages,” Officer Harris said, “Remember, once it’s on their pages, it’s there forever.”

According to, forty-five percent of employers check on profiles of candidates for the job. Before an interview, most people bring resumes up to date, but something that might not cross someone’s mind is to delete inappropriate material off their pages.

“I think it is going to be another reference for employers,” Mr. McGarvey said,       “Calling references to check on a prospective employee is one thing, but checking a Facebook page gives you an honest look at how a person really acts.”

Research from states there are countless ways third parties can access information about you. Did you know if you play Farmville, your profile information and photos could be accessed even if it’s private?

“Google yourself and look at what comes up. “ Mrs. McGarvey said, “Just remember that whatever you put out there is available to everyone to see.”

Users of Facebook have to remind themselves to be more conscientious about what they post. Keep a few questions in mind before you post: How much personal information are you giving out? Who will see? How will this affect you?

Sophomore Jesse DeMuth is loving Facebook

Q: What’s your favorite thing about Facebook?

Jesse DeMuth: Being able to communicate with my friends. I have friends all over the place and it would be impossible to talk to all of them if they weren’t on Facebook.

Q: What’s the biggest number of likes or comments you’ve gotten on a post?

JD: I got 220 likes on a “truth is” status.

Q: Do you consider yourself a safe Facebook user?

JD: Yes because I do not misuse Facebook. I do not post innappropriate things or cyber bully. The only thing dangerous about me on Facebook is my looks.

Q: What annoys you the most to see on Facebook?

JD: When one person repeatedly posts statuses over and over again. I love Facebook, but I’m not obsessed like a few people on here.

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Facebook – Social networking has significant impact on your future