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By: Kayln Reyer

Journalism I Student

A teacher, mother, and student do what they love, bringing in extra cash as a bonus

The red light beams with 5:00 am. It’s off to another long day dragging yourself to a job you hate. Your only wish is that you could make money doing things you actually liked.

It’s common that adults find themselves feeling tied down to their job and dreading every day that they are stuck doing it. The big question that should be asked as a teen is: “What do I want to do?”

Working wouldn’t feel like working at all if doing enjoyable things was in the mix. Sophomore Haley Funkhouser is a great example. Funkhouser spends her free time making and selling coin purses.

“My hobby is a great!” Funkhouser said.

“Not only is it something fun to do in my free time, but it also brings in some extra shopping money, which never hurts.”

Potential jobs could be anywhere. Some find it through school or friends or even family. Funkhouser found her hobby right at home with her mother, Marlene Funkhouser.

“It started with my mom but before I knew it I was knitting like crazy!” Marlene said. “Hats, scarves, baby clothes, you name it.”

The duo turned making money and fun into lifelong memories and quality time.

“The hobby for me is strictly fun,” Marlene said.  “I love getting to spend time with Haley and teach her life skills in the process.”

The hobby has also turned into a new creative party idea for the Funkhousers and their friends. Marlene was known for her cookie parties, food parties, and gift exchanges, but she has started a new trend with her hobby exchange parties.

“One of my friends actually saw something I had made for a new baby in the family and came up with the idea to exchange cute little things like that and we’ve been doing it since,” Marlene said.

Hobbies can be more than family fun; hobbies can also be a stress relief from work. CIE teacher Kim Scott knows better than anyone that having a fun hobby can turn a bad mood completely around.

“I am a singer in the band 100% Poly,” Scott said.

As a dedicated teacher Scott is faced with the balancing act between free time, teacher time, and of course, family time.

“It’s harder because my #1 job is that I’m a mom, so juggling being a teacher, a singer, and photographer can be hectic at times but I love my hobbies so I make it work,” Scott said. “My hobbies don’t feel like work, they’re fun.”

As adults, Marlene and Scott see something that teens wouldn’t see at first glance, and that is motivation.

“Typically the students that are involved in extra-curricular activities at NAHS are more organized; they work hard in class,” Scott said.

Marlene is no stranger to dealing with unmotivated kids.

“Haley has always been a pretty motivated kid but I saw a big difference when she started getting into her hobby,” Marlene said.

Whether you’re a student, teacher, or parent, hobbies can make a huge difference in your attitude toward working. The essential goal is to go to college and get a job you like and can have fun doing, but keep your eyes open; your future job might just be right in front of you.

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Trouble-free money making