Meet the junior class president by//Chaireth Jones

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This school year, juniors campaigned to be the 2016-2017  junior class president. Learn all about this year’s junior class president, Harrison Knable, and what all goes into having this role.

There’s more work that goes into being a class president than what it may seem. This year’s junior class President, Harrison Knable says he is excited and ready to take on the challenges that this role brings.

“Being president, you have to represent your school at all times,” Knable said. “What I do reflects upon the rest of my school. So when I’m out in the community working on projects, I have to be mindful of how I carry myself so as to leave a good impression for NAHS as a whole.”

Although being a class president can have a heavy load, Knable says that he has always been up to taking on leadership roles, so when the time came around to campaign for the role, Knable didn’t hesitate.

“I’ve always sought out leadership roles wherever and whenever I could,” Knable said. “So, when the opportunity to run for president arose, I didn’t hesitate. Above anything, I ran so that I might be able to make our school, and community, a better place.”

With gaining this role, Knable is ready to take action and put his ideas into place. Knable says that being able to bring a positive change through his ideas is what he likes most about having this role.

“[My favorite part of the role is] being able to act upon my ideas as to what I believe will bring about positive change,” Knable said. “Being president has given me the capacity to initiate several causes which benefit those who are less fortunate. That’s what the presidency is about.”

Along with being a student class president, Knable is also involved in many other school activities; he is a member of the Swim team, Math Academic Decathlon, Model UN, and Science Olympiad. Although Knable has surely taken on a heavy load, he says that it is an honor to be able to be the junior class president.

“It’s an honor to get to be president of such a great school,” Knable said. “It’s very humbling that my peers thought that I would be the best choice as their president.”

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Meet the junior class president by//Chaireth Jones